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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

A Concise Overview of Maria Brontë (née Branwell)

Maria Brontë (née Branwell)
(1785 - 1821)
She was born, and spent her early life, in Penzance, Cornwall; but met Patrick in Hartshead, Yorkshire; while she was in the region assisting her aunt with the domestic side of organisation in a school. Maria was 29 when she married Patrick; the wedding taking place on 29 December 1812 at Guise ley’s parish church. Between the years 1814 and 1820 she gave birth to their six children, their last born being Anne; and died, of suspected cancer of the uterus, on 15 September 1821 aged 38. Anne was only 20 months old at this time. Maria Brontë, the first born child of the Brontë Branwell family, was named after her mother and according to her father, writing when she was nine years old; she had 'a powerful intellectual mind.' The union of reverend Patrick and Maria Brontë was, it is believed, a joyous, happy one.

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