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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


Unfortunately relatively little is known about the life of Anne Brontë. Official records indicate and propose some details of where she resided and occupation; these records however do not allow us to witness the sentiment and temperament of the authoress. Her novels do allow us to view a remarkable young women; calm and religious with a strong sense of humanity. But this too should be carefully undertaken in the words of the critic Barbara Everett, who argues, “If [Shakespeare’s] biography is to be found it has to be here, in the plays and poems, but never literally and never provably.” Anne Bronte’s life, can, I believe be likened to Shakespeare’s, his life is open to interpretation, the records and documentations are frustratingly scarce. The few records that do hold a testament to Anne’s life, thoughts and behaviour are those of others, these testimony’s are perhaps based upon each persons personal interpretation of the youngest Brontë, and cannot be considered at all times factual.

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