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Wednesday, 9 June 2010


'It is impossible to stand by the tomb of the authoress of "Agnes Grey" and "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" without becoming possessed of a great yearning to know more about her' said a journalist. It is perhaps this yearning to gain a further knowledge of Anne Brontë that has enticed the hundreds that visit the tomb with the simple inscription “Here lie the remains of Anne Brontë, daughter of the Revd. P. Brontë, Incumbent of Haworth, Yorkshire. She died, Aged 28, May 28th, 1849". Anne Brontë died in actuality at the age of twenty-nine. “My footsteps were the first to press the firm, unbroken sands; nothing before had trampled them since last night’s flowing tide had obliterated the deepest marks of yesterday, and left it fair and even, except where the subsiding water had left behind it the traces of dimpled pools, and little running streams” her accomplishment in literature cannot be stated as undeserving of merit her footsteps were the first to press the firm, unbroken sands, Anne Brontë described by Ellen Nussey ‘Anne, dear gentle Anne was quite different in appearance from the others, and she was her aunt's favourite. Her hair was a very pretty light brown, and fell on her neck in graceful curls. She had lovely violet-blue eyes, fine pencilled eyebrows and a clear almost transparent complexion.' The small in stature girl with graceful curls, one may simply imagine those “violet-blue eyes”, which are painted into being, within the cherished portraits of the authoress. It is simple. This element of simplifying further the life of Anne however becomes more intricate. Together with her sisters, Charlotte and Emily, she has compounded into the single entity “The Brontë Sisters” I fear this can solely be attributed to her detriment. This blog is a place for admirers of her work, to understand further the governess, novelist, poet and sister removed from the shadows.

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  1. So pleased to see a blog dedicated to Anne.